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Visual diary.

About 3 years ago I accidentally found a couple of photos that I took in my first year as a student, mostly in my first student house: snapshots of random moments. Back then those photos were taken without a plan, now they are valuable memories of a special period that will never come back. Now I discover stories in my photos from back then. It's funny you only realize how valuable those moments were when the years pass by and the time slips between your fingers. You notice that important and valuable memories consist not only of the highs and lows of your life but also of the 'in-between' moments. Strangely enough, the mundane of that time begins to become more sacred and special.


Visual diary is a reflection of my life where I see beauty in the everyday, not always but often in the most mundane places; an ode to my youth, a montage of dreams and a tribute to groing up. 

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